Silk Product Fashion Trend 2022

Silk is very well known for its lux appearance, soft feel, and fiber resilience. This natural type of fiber has long been utilized across the globe. Silk is the embodiment of extravagance because of its expensive cost to manufacture, indulgent texture, and sophisticated look, and it is therefore a famous textile not only in high-end and couture fashion, but also in everyday ready-to-wear clothing lines. 



Today, the fashion industry is developing quickly in every season. More and more people are becoming interested in accepting fresh trends at a stauncher pace. Presently, in the textile market, silk is one of the most in-demand and famous products. The constant technological innovations in sericulture are foreseen to generate a massive effect on the global silk market in the coming years. By 2028, the global silk market is projected to exceed $11 million, rising from $6 million in 2020. 

In current fashion, silk is utilized in many different women’s as well as men’s apparel. For women, silk is frequently utilized in wedding dresses, festive gowns, blouses, traditional outfits, scarves, lingerie, and many more. While for men, silk is usually used for numerous attires such as dress suits, shirts, ties, high fashion clothes, robes, and many others. In addition, silk is also utilized in different household and commercial products such as pillow cases, bed sheets, wall hangings, and others. With that, today, silk is really used widely in fashion and other industries. So if you are curious what will be the latest silk trend in fashion for 2022, then you should continue reading this article.

History of Silk In Fashion 

Before we talk about the silk trends in the fashion industry for year 2022, it is important first to know the history of silk so to understand why the material is still very important up until this day. 

Silk fabric was first discovered and made in China. For hundreds of years, China controlled the silk industry. In fact, the material was initially made and reserved for the Emperor of Ancient China. In early China, the Chinese people utilized silk as a form of currency, and cost was measured in lengths of silk. The Silk Road, which connected industries from the East to the West, was a famous trading route named for the material, and that region of the world still maintains the name today. After such time, the silk production moved from China to Korea, Thailand, India, and Europe. In the seventeenth century, the fabric ultimately reached the U.S. King James I presented silk to the colonies, but many of the country’s initial settlers did not have enough money to buy the material. During this time, in the United States, Patterson, New Jersey and Manchester, Connecticut both became centers of silk production, until the trade and production was disrupted by World War II, resulting in the invention of synthetic fabrics such as nylon.

Why is Silk Still Used in Fashion Up Until Today?

After all those years since ancient China, silk is still in-demand in the world of fashion. This is because this natural fabric is well-known for its shine, lux feel, and absorbent nature, along with other positive features, including:

  • Texture – Silk is widely sought for in fashion because of its texture. It is amazingly soft with a pleasing polish, giving it a high-end and expensive appeal. 
  • Strength and durability – Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Though, it is true that its strength may be reduced when it is constantly wet, the fact still remains that silk can stand the test of time if cared for properly. Hence, many people in fashion like to invest in such material. 
  • Elasticity – Silk is very flexible, which makes it ideal to make garments that can come in various shapes and forms. 
  • Absorbency - Silk is greatly known for its absorbency. In fact, it is one of the most absorbent fabrics in the globe, hence it handles moisture well in clothing items. 

Uses of Silk in Fashion

Ever since its discovery, silk was utilized in apparels and domestic items. Now, other than fashion, silk is also used in unanticipated ways such as in bicycle tires and in medicine. However, up until this day, silk is still primarily used clothing. Most brands and fashion houses utilize silk because of its absorbent nature and how it wicks moisture. It is also an essential for winter wear since it has low conductive properties. To be more specific, here are some of the most common uses of silk in fashion: 

  • Formal Wear - Silk is a staple of many gowns and dresses. Due to its amazing flexibility, silk can be utilized for formal wear that have flattering shapes and forms. Moreover, its beautiful drapes and long floats produce an elegant and lustrous look. 
  • Ties and Scarves. Because of silk’s strength and easy manipulation with color, it makes it perfect for accessories. In fact, many brands produce expensive ties out of heavy silk, which permits for compactly woven patterns, lush colors, and sturdy material. Silk is also an ideal fabric to produce scarves for both decoration and for warmth. 
  • Lingerie and Sleeping Wear - Luxurious pajamas, robes, camisoles, gowns, bras and panties are also one of the most commonly produced products using silk. Thanks to the absorbent nature and temperature regulating ability of silk that makes it ideal to be used as a lingerie and sleeping wear.

Silk Trends in 2022

The best looks from the 2022 runways have been defined by surprising twists on typical shapes and techniques. These looks would probably set the trends for the incoming year 2022. You know what’s amazing about these runways? The wide usage of the Silk fabric. A number of small and big designers are using silk to showcase the versatility of the fabric through using it in a wide range of looks. With that, based on the recent 2022 runways, here are some of the predicted silk trends in the coming year: 

  • Flowing and Embellished Silks – Fashion houses Thom Browne, Rodarte, and Fendi reimagined and transformed capes, an outdated outerwear staple, into evening gowns by Thom Browne, Rodarte, and Fendi. They rendered the voluminous shapes in architectural organza and flowing, embellished silks. This type of silk evening and formal wear is expected to be seen more in red carpets and other formal events in the year 2022. 
  • Silk Scarves - Bucket hats and berets are now surprisingly replaced by silk scarves wrapped comfortably around the head. This trend aims to lead to a more eccentric than retro, giving an unusual touch to otherwise simple outfits. Fashion brands styled their scarves on the runway in different ways: looped around the waist, draped over their shoulders, or even as a mask. Donatella Versace was one of the huge brands that highlighted the silk headscarf. Most looks in the collection were styled with silk headgear, whether black or vibrantly patterned. Following Versace, Giorgio Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo followed suit in featuring silk headscarves. Armani also accented his 2022 collection with silk scarves, smattered with colorful waved prints. The headscarf hype can be found in other places besides the catwalks such as in Instagram feeds of global superstars like Bella Hadid, Adut Akech, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. It is clear that silk scarves are the next big thing come 2022. 
  • Silk Pajama dressing. Wearing pajamas as an everyday casual wear is not a new trend. However, Silk pajama dressing is projected to be embraced and celebrated both in men and women’s fashion. Many are simply excited to wear a bold, colorful printed silk from head to toe. Just add your favorite sneakers or heels, then you are good to go for this trend!


  • Silk dresses – Today, silk dresses are not only made for the spring or summer collection. Many more people are using silk dresses for day and night wear. With that, it is predicted that silk dresses will also be a trend in women’s fashion. Light weight silk dresses with colors such as lime green, orange blossom and subtle apricot tones are expected to be a trend in the year 2022. 


With the growing demand for silk from textile industries, cosmetics companies, and medical business sectors, the global silk market is going to thrive at a greater pace in the near future. Moreover, it is expected that silk will dominate the fashion industry in the coming year. However, that should not be a surprise right? With its elegant and expensive look combined with its soft and lux feel, silk deserves to always be admired in the fashion industry. 


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