How Can a Silk Sleep Mask Help Your Sleep?

Today, a number of novel and high-tech sleep gadgets are available in the market.  From eye wearables to expensive dim room lights to modern mattresses and calming white noise, there is definitely so much to choose from. However, many people do not know that sleep masks carry a frequently-unacknowledged power.

Sure, sleep masks are not anything fresh or newsworthy, but this simple material can be just what you have to get to achieve that needed shut-eye - especially when your sleep mask is made out of silk. The secret why it has this power is not because of technology, but because of its natural component which is silk itself. 

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Silk, a deluxe textile utilized throughout the globe to produce the most expensive clothes, is made with natural proteins found in every thread. This amazing organic material is made up of strings of amino acids that have the same pH level as the human's skin. Among the common types of silk, the mulberry variety is made out of protein termed sericin, a compound responsible for the reduction of allergic reactions. Hence, this material is definitely beneficial for human use. 

Silk may be small in size, but this chunk of fabric definitely has a number of benefits that can help you sleep better at night. With that, in order to learn more about silk sleep masks, here are the advantages of silk sleep masks. 

  1. Silk Sleep Masks Effectively Block Light

    Light is the primary factor that impacts the body’s circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for biologically scheduling the human body when to stay asleep and awake. Sundown, even during ancient times, is an indicator for sleep. This is because the dark has already set in, which signals the circadian rhythm that it is time to rest. However, in modern times, we are surrounded by artificial light that can significantly interrupt our sleep schedules. Even when we use blackout curtains, there is still some possibility that light from the street or other places in our home can creep into our rooms. Consequently, the body receives mixed signals from the outside environment which can result in the circadian rhythm to suffer. All of these lead to disrupted and difficult sleeping habits. 

    In addition to that, studies have actually observed that light exposure is linked to a number of other worrying health problems. Light exposure during the night is correlated with more sleepless nights which attribute to the development of depression. 

    Silk sleep masks help fix this problem by blocking intrusive light in order to provide you with total darkness for better sleep. Through sitting directly over your eyes, silk sleep masks can provide a pitch-black environment even in bedrooms that have turned on lights. Furthermore, silk sleep masks are way cheaper than other alternative measures such as blackout curtains. Also, silk sleep masks are considered to be better than blackout shades because they can block out blue light from devices inside your bedroom. Undeniably, the blue light that is emitted from your smartphone and other gadgets has been proven to interrupt sleep cycles, much like the light from the environment. When it is time to drift off to sleep, a silk sleep mask can help block out these harmful blue lights.

  1. Silk Sleep Mask Is Good for Your Skin 

    Although not directly impacting the quality of sleep, it is good to highlight the benefits of wearing silk sleep masks on your skin when you are sleeping (which hopefully can encourage you to wear those silk sleep masks when sleeping!)

    Wrinkling around the eye area is one of the consequences of sleeping on poor surfaces. In fact, tossing and turning at night while trying to sleep can cause tugging and pulling around the eyes, so a silk eye mask is ideal because the soft material aids in protecting the skin which reduces the appearance of creases and surface wrinkling in areas around the eyes and above the brow. In addition to that, silk sleep masks also have amazing moisturizing abilities. This is because the tightly woven fabric retains moisture close to the skin. With that, in addition to preventing wrinkles, silk aids in making sure your skin stays moisturized throughout the night. This leads to the reduction of dark circles, puffiness, and even helps slow down the aging process. Lastly, the softness of silk makes a silk eye mask ideal for people who have sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema. The gentle material is soft to skin and will not cause irritation like other materials would. 


  2. Silk Sleep Masks Can Help People With Dry Eyes

    Another problem that people usually have that affects their sleep quality is dry eyes. This is one of the problems that silk sleep masks can address, at least during the period of time when you are sleeping. The eyes can be exposed to dry air, dust, and other irritants overnight. Some people even have an eye condition called nocturnal lagophthalmos, which inhibits them from totally closing their eyes while they are sleeping. Silk sleep masks offer a protective covering as you sleep, permitting you to awaken without irritation because it prevents your eyes from being dry.

  3. Silk Sleep Masks Can Reduce Migraines

    Exposure to light can be agonizing to people who are suffering with migraines. People who are suffering with this condition have difficulty sleeping at night. Moreover, light sensitivity is a usual feature of chronic migraines and can mainly be challenging if migraine attacks occur during daylight. Silk sleep masks offer total darkness when a migraine hits. You would want to stay in bed if you have migraine and your silk sleep mask will guarantee that light does not hinder your recovery. In addition to that, silk sleep masks also provide cooling features that can help ease migraine pain. Silk sleep masks can also work just as well for hangovers and minor headaches because of its cooling and soothing effect on the eye area. 

  4. Silk Sleep Masks Can Be Weighted for Additional Relaxation

    In recent years, there has been an increasing popularity in silk sleep masks that can be weighted. The weight offers a sense of security. According to studies weighted silk sleep masks can provide many of the same benefits as weighted sleep blankets. This type of eye wear can put gentle pressure on your face, promoting melatonin and serotonin production for a pleasurable sense of rest. These effects can be exceptionally beneficial for those who are suffering with sleep disorders or mental health issues. For those who appreciate a dose of calming pressure, adding some weights on your silk sleep mask could definitely boost its benefits. 


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